After you make your appointment you will receive a packet of information. Please fill it out as soon as possible to allow for necessary review.

Option 1:
Set your own Appointment Online

You may make the appointment yourself by selecting your time slot online for your Telemedicine Consultation

Please make an appointment for your Consultation first.  After you schedule your Consultation, if you wish to also schedule your Vasectomy after you schedule your Consultation, please exit and then re-enter your patient portal to schedule your Vasectomy.  Please make sure that the Vasectomy is scheduled for a date at least two days after the Consultation date.

Option 2:
Call to Set an Appointment

Call our office at 1-888-VASECTOMY (1-888-827-3286) during regular business hours.

Option 3:
Request a Call Back to Set Up an Appointment

Click to fill out a form at any time to request an appointment. You may expect a call within one business day, (usually the same day) to set a final appointment time that is convenient for you. 


Answers to typical questions before making an appointment. Dr. Benderev will be able to answer any other questions you may have at your Consultation appointment.

1. Can the Vasectomy Consultation and Procedure be scheduled for the same day?

Answer: You may schedule both the Consultation and Vasectomy appointments at one sitting, but they will be done on separate days. After you schedule the Consultation, you will need to exit and re-enter your patient portal to schedule the Vasectomy procedure.  Please note that your Vasectomy Procedure date should be at least two days after your Consultation date. All Consultations are being done online via Telemedicine.

2. If I do not want any more children now, can I save some sperm, just in case I need them later?

Answer: Yes, we offer a simple mail-in kit for cryopreservation of sperm designed to save sperm for 5 years. You can click here for more information.

3. Do I need a driver to take me home after my procedure?

Answer: We request that you have a driver to take you home, in the occasional case of a patient developing light headedness.

4. Do I need to return for a post procedure appointment?

Answer: Routinely, no.

5. If my insurance does not cover the vasectomy with Dr. Benderev, what is the cash cost?

Answer: The cash price for the Dr. Benderev vasectomy consult is $190 and the vasectomy procedure with post-operative care is $990. We have kept a reasonable cost compared to the $3,000+ costs found in some Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas, so as to keep it affordable for a wider range of patients.

6. Do I need to fast (avoid eating) before my vasectomy?

Answer: No. In fact, you will want to have a light meal within a couple of hours of your arrival for your procedure.

7. What are the major restrictions after the vasectomy?

Answer: You will want to avoid exercise and lifting anything over 15 pounds for one week after your vasectomy.

8. Can I send my semen from home for testing after the vasectomy to see if my sperm are gone or will I need to take my specimen(s) to a laboratory?

Answer: Yes, we offer a simple home-based kit for semen testing.

9. Do I need a driver to take me home?

Answer: Yes, in case you become light headed. 

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